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Capturing real moments with real humans.
I believe everyone has a unique story
and deserves the right to share it.

When I first got to witness and capture the passion another person had, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. You can see it in their eyes how deeply they feel. I am inspired by this - by people who are just OVERFLOWING with passion! Being a lifestyle photographer means I get to capture all of these emotions and details. I get to showcase real humans in every light, visually tell a brand's mission, and stop time for two people in love. Let’s put our passions together and create!




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Hi, I'm Lindsay Oien (pronounced oy-in). A pleasure to meet you! I am a photographer, art director, content creator, adventurer, margarita enthusiast, lover to my handsome man: Logan, and a wannabe dancer (by that I mean I dance in my kitchen more than most)! I call Minneapolis, Minnesota home, but really home is wherever I'm with my camera.


My mission is to work with others who are burning with passion. Turning everyday life into something artistic and beautiful is what I live for. Making other people feel loved and important is what I strive to do every single day. Working with like-minded humans to collaborate and create is where I thrive.


I'm a creative + adventurous soul who values true honesty. I translate my thrill for travel, eye for creativity, and passion for honest humans into my photography. My vibe consists of real people, in real settings, with real colors. Whether I’m out exploring halfway around the world or making magic right in my backyard, the world around us is so naturally beautiful that I don't see a reason to change it; instead, I want to celebrate it!


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