Is it safe to just be who we are?

As soon as something doesn't fit what we perceive as normal, we get uncomfortable. As soon as something doesn't check one of our boxes, we ask what's wrong. As soon as someone questions us, we look to defend ourselves, even if we don't mean to.

Yet, as soon as we are on the other side and someone makes us feel like we are less, we become lost and hurt. It’s human nature to want to categized things and make sense of it all but really, we struggle to even understand ourselves. No matter how much confidence someone has or how many barriers someone puts up, we all get scared.

Getting to tell Brian's story through photography reminded me of the importance of vulnerability. It takes strength to be honest with yourself, especially when it means your whole world may change. It takes strength to stand up for yourself, especially when it means disappointing others. We all have experienced this in one form or another and some more than others. Whether we want to admit it or not, we don’t always feel we can be who we are.

Is it safe to just be who we are? Maybe not, but we won’t know til we try. We won’t know til we let others try.

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