Checklist to uplevel your brand when business is slow.

Just like everyone else, businesses have highs and lows. Oftentimes people can predict some of these changes and don’t even blink an eye, but once in a while, slow times come unexpectedly. If you’re like me, when an unexpected slow time hits, you get a little anxious. “Now what? I have no new projects to work on? What do I do?”

Here’s your answer:


The best thing you can do during a slow period is one, take advantage of it. And two, REMAIN POSITIVE! One way to keep your mind focused and energized is to work on new aspects of your business. Below is a list of things you can work and feel accomplished from when times are slow. Use this downtime as an opportunity to step it up to the next level!

There’s a chance this is just my personal to-do list...😜 but rest assured there’s something in here for you too.

1. Website

  • Does it have the most up-to-date information?

  • Can you refresh any photos or layouts?

  • Could you improve the flow of your site?

2. Branding

  • Do you have a logo and color palette?

  • Could your branding and messaging be defined more than it is?

  • Is your branding consistent across all platforms?

3. Photography + Visuals

  • Is your current photography professional and up-to-date?

  • Do you have photos of your service or product being used?

  • Do you have enough visual content to last for a month? Two months?

4. Personal Portraits + Headshots

  • Are your current headshots up-to-date?

  • Do your current photos show your personality?

  • Do you have photos of you doing your job?

5. Processes

  • Do you feel confident in your processes?

  • Is there a way you can perfect or streamline anything?

6. Bookkeeping + Finances

  • Are all of your numbers accounted for?

  • Have you done your taxes…?

  • Can you clear up any unnecessary expenses?

7. Content Creating

  • What knowledge can you share with your customers/clients to benefit them?

  • Do you have a blog? Can you add to it?

  • Do you have social posts planned and scheduled?

8. Learning + Training

  • Is there an online course you can take?

  • Are there any workshops you can attend?

  • What free YouTube videos can you learn from?

9. Future Planning

  • What big goals do you have for yourself and your business?

  • How can you improve your current offerings?

  • What events or projects can you be planning for now?

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Lindsay, this could take FOREVER!!” Don’t worry! You may already have a lot of these items crossed off. Don’t let this overwhelm you - instead, let it get your brain juices flowing! Let these be idea starters and excitement generators! The possibilities for your brand are endless! Take it day-by-day, month-by-month.

Want to keep track of your progress and get the super satisfying feeling when you cross something off of a list?? Download the checklist version of it here! 👇

Stay positive and get out there, uplevel your biz, and kick some ass!


Questions on anything in the list above? Shoot me a quick email and I’d love to help!